Encouragement for Today (1)

Blessed by the little things…after the loss of our Little One in my first miscarriage I had started to create a journal just to put encouragement and verses to turn to when I get discouraged or go through hard times.  I had added the below quotation back in April and I needed it today…any possibly every day in the coming months.

… yeah, so on this side of Monday, on this side of the week,
we’re wondering “How in the world?” —
How in the world can we possibly do what we need to do,
how in the world can we possibly get through what’s ahead of us,
how in the world can we possibly have enough strength, enough wisdom, enough hope, enough BRAVE, to do the hard things that are staring us down right now wearing their disguise of ‘IMPOSSIBLE.’
But the One who is your one Solid Friend, who is from beyond the walls of this world, the One who’s got your back?
He won’t let you take one step into Monday before He’s already there.
He won’t let you take one step through even one door this week that He hasn’t already gone through & is waiting right there to help you.
He won’t let you take even one step up any mountain this week without first clearing a path for your feet, & taking your brave hand, & giving courage to your heart. He won’t abandon you this week, He absolutely refuses to stop carrying you this week, and He won’t let you give way to fear because *He’s got you.*
*Fears lives wherever we forget…*
And we refuse to forget this week that *He’s got us.*