Meet Meghan

“This blog is about my wife and the things she thinks, dreams, worries and prays about. She thinks about many things because she is married to me, has a bunch of maladjusted kids for clients (she’s a licensed master social worker) and a dog who believes she’s our queen. Sometimes the things she thinks about make her worry but writing helps turn those worries into prayers and praises. I think you will like her blog because she is a unashamed sap, loves helping people more than anything and makes me feel 10 feet tall even when I’m a pill. Enjoy!”

I am….

…a child of God and I live with the purpose of glorifying Him.

…a wife to a wonderful man, Jonathan.

…a mother to two sweet babies who are with Jesus.

…a waiting adoptive mother.

…the owner of the cutest little puppy, Langlee.

…a child and family therapist, with a desire to help clients live life to their full potential.

…an occasional exerciser.

…a chocolate and coffee lover.

…dependent on morning kisses and tight hugs.

…a complete and unashamed sap.

…a housewife striving to live out Proverbs 31.

…an evening cuddler.

…a woman who loves her family!

…a blogger!



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