Adoption Update #1


Grateful, humbled, and so excited by how God works!  Over half way to our goal already!! We are blown away by the generosity of our community! We have seen over and over in our adoption journey so far that when God says go…He provides the means in ways that take us by surprise. Thank you to those who have supported us financially as well as those who have added our family to your prayer list!

For update #1, I figured I would tell you why we chose to adopt through Bethany Christian Services.

  1. Bethany has the mother’s best interest in mind. We really liked that they take the time to do birth parent counseling so the expectant mother is able to make the best and most informed decision for the child. We follow the mother’s lead on their decision to place or not, hospital visitation, and level of openness in the adoption. The expectant mother is respect as a human being who has a huge decision to make that may involve both loss and sacrifice. The expectant mom has a very important role in the adoption process, thus the reason we pray so hard for her!
  2. The matching process appears to be transparent. Bethany helps match compatible parties when it comes to adoptive family preferences and what the birth mother wants for her child. We were required to fill out a preferences document (not an easy thing to do) that pretty much had us say yes, no, or will consider to a list of circumstances or conditions that the child may be biologically affected by. When an expectant mother is ready to chose an adoptive family for her baby, we will be notified if our preferences match up to the circumstances and we will have the ability to chose to have our profile book looked at by the expectant mother. It seems straightforward and yet leaves a lot of area for God to work!
  3. When the expectant mother choses to work with Bethany regarding her crisis pregnancy she knows from the beginning that the home her child may be placed in is one with Biblical values that plans on raising the child within a community of believers and according to Godly principals.

We are excited to see how God will continue to work as we travel this adoption journey that may continue for just another month…or maybe for the whole year ahead as we wait on the Lord.


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