To My Norah on the week of Thanksgiving

Precious Norah,

Happy Thanksgiving Sweet One! I’ve been thinking about you so much lately. If you were still here and growing you would surely be making me uncomfortable as I would be 30 weeks pregnant. Oh how I wish I was experiencing that discomfort! I see women due with babies at the same time you were to arrive and I look at them with envy and wonder how it would feel when you kick or get the hiccups. I won’t know…but I have something those moms don’t have. I have complete assurance that my baby gets to spend eternity with Jesus. They can only pray for that right now. I’m grateful for that assurance.IMG_3118
We are in Virginia for Thanksgiving. It was hard leaving Arkansas. I felt like I was leaving you behind. It is the first family event/holiday that I really feel like I am missing part of my family. I really wonder what life would be like if you were still here and healthy. We probably wouldn’t be in VA because travel would be kinda risky at this point. I would gladly chose time with you over a trip to VA. Even though family time is such a blessing.
We went to the beach today…the ocean always makes me feel so small. I thought of you and wrote your name in the sand as I imagined what your view of that ocean may be…your view from Jesus’ lap. Breathtaking I am sure!
I’m thankful for you Sweet Norah. The thought of being thankful is different for me this year. Losing you just a little over two months ago it seems like it would be hard to be thankful but God has made me thankful in a new way. I’m thankful for your life, the experience of carrying you and needing to depend on God in a way I hadn’t before. I’m thankful for your little life and the impact it had on Jonathan and I, for the lessons I have learned this year about the IMG_3095miracle of life. I am thankful for healing, both yours and mine. He healed you perfectly and I have and still am experiencing His perfect healing from the grief that left me raw and vulnerable. He is our healer and I like the thought that we have both experienced it.
Norah Maye you are such a blessing to me and it is because of the God who gave you your perfect life that I can be thankful this year.
Sweet One, you will be with me this Thanksgiving, if only in my heart!

Love for always and always,
Your Mommy


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