Not Just a Distraction…

The house has been quiet this week…sooooo quiet.  The last three weeks we have been completely blessed by our family.  On D-day my parents just happened to be coming down for two weeks with us.  And then after they left, my mother-in-law came to spend a week with us.  And when she flew home, Grandma and Grandpa Lukaschek joined us for a weekend.  What a blessing!

Parents in town!

Parents in town!

Let me just tell you, those first weeks were hard, but the presence of family really helped to soften the blow of the news!  We had people to process with, to talk through plans and worries and fears, to cry with.  We had people to distract us at times from the reality of our life. But more than that, we had people to be joyful with, to create good memories with, to smile through the tears with, to laugh with.

When we had told our family about Wiggles we often got the question, “How can we help?”  And almost without hesitation I said, “You can come hang out with us.”

Mother-in-law in town!

Mother-in-law in town!

And when I said this, it wasn’t just because I want/ed company, it was because I want people to experience life with Wiggles.  I want Wiggles to be around our friends and family.  I want pictures with family…with Wiggles.  And I want these months, which could so easily be filled with sorrow and grief to also be full of joy, good memories, laughter, family, community, and fellowship.  I want Wiggles to know…as much as possible…just how loved he/she is.

Grandparents in town!

Grandparents in town!

I so wish we could travel to others…to give Wiggles some awesome experiences away from home.  But we just can’t.  The risk of leaving home and miscarriage or pre-term labor happening is just to high. So we will stay put and host company…We already have a few more visitors and fun events on the calendar!

So, yes, the house has been quiet this week. And yes, it has been hard at times.  But it has also been refreshing.  I have started listening to worship music again, it brought me to tears at first but has gotten so much easier and necessary.  I have taken quiet walks with just me, Langlee, and Wiggles.  I have prayed more. I have given great thought to how to attach to Wiggles in a way that is meaningful, which has given me renewed perspective on this pregnancy experience.  I had a great talk with a great friend that was so good for my soul.  I have worked.  I have snuggled with my husband and I am anxiously anticipating a Friday date night!  …All this and it is only Wednesday!

God is good…and I am thankful for days when I can really see and feel how true that is!


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