A Chat with My Savior…

Here we go…I’m back after a break…That 31 day challenge left me exhausted…thus the break!  But it also left me so excited to continue blogging.  I don’t care about followers or viewer at this point.  I just wanna write when I feel like writing and maybe some of my posts will hit home to others…so here is another candid post from the mind of Meghan…

This week is crazy!  I didn’t really think it would be as crazy as it already has been…and I have only lived through Monday so far!  NUTS!  I didn’t really think that when I sat on the bed with the dog before my shower that I would be breathing in my last moments of peace before the day started.  It is days like today, when deep breathes are few and far between….my heart feels like someone is literally gripping it….I have to make a conscious effort to slow my mind down, send up a short prayer, and take a deep breathe.

I took a random trip across town for in impromptu dentist visit and it was in those moments when I finally took the time to think, and I prayed…out loud…just talked to God.  I don’t do that often…my husband says he does it almost every day…but I tend to journal my thoughts instead of share them out loud.  Anyway…something about that time with the Lord calmed my spirit and gave me a renewed perspective of my week and my blessings.

This time with the Lord…in the midst of my crazy day…was the first time in a while that I was able to really thank God for what He has been doing in my life lately.  Things I have been praying about for months…they are just happening…naturally…so naturally that I have forgotten to give credit where it is due.  Like for instance, I have been praying for peace with getting pregnant…letting it be totally a thing of God and not something that I think about all the time like I have been in past months.  And this month I have had more peace about our family growth than I have in maybe over a year.   I think one reason why is because God has made me more busy at work…That was part of the prayer…that if I can’t be a mom now, I at least want to be a busy therapist.  God has provided clients for me…kiddos for me to help, to talk to, to laugh with, and empathize with.  Maybe these kids are supposed to be my pride and joy right now….

maybe God is giving me peace about my physical family growth because He needs me to help other families grow emotionally…

And so I am grateful…So so grateful!  I know…I know He is so good!  I know He is the provider of joy!  And so, my goal for this crazy, nutso week is to…

Find joy in being totally grateful for where He has put me and the things He has put on my to do list!


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